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Proposal Bursa Efek Indonesia dalam Bahasa Inggris

(B E I)

Prepared By:

*   Eka Budi Arini
*   Hardinar Selawati
*   Hikmah Umi Khasanah
*   Isti Nugiarti

SCHOOL YEAR 2012/2013

This paper we have made as a prerequisite to be able to follow the activities of other schools in CMS Boedi Oetomo 1 CILACAP academic year 2012/2013.
This paper is accepted and passed on:

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Cilacap, June 12, 2012

Knowing, Principal

H.Tuslan, S.T.S.. Pd

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Dra.Muntiah                                                                                                     Dra.Marfu 'ah

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*      Experience is the best teacher
*      Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim
*      You'll never know until you try
*      Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today
*      Where there is a will there will be road
*      The biggest capital is an experience
*      Science is the pillar of life.


This paper is dedicated to:
*      Both of my parents who always give me support and finance the making of this paper.
*       Friends and the friends who have helped and supported me from the beginning to the end.
*      The headmaster of SMK Boedi Oetomo CILACAP.
*      Mr / Mrs guidance counselor.
*      Mr / Mrs SMK Boedi Oetomo Cilacap
*      X-class brothers who I love
*      Dear readers.


Hello wr.wb.
Alhamdulillahirrobil'alamin, turning my gratitude to God Almighty who has bestowed His mercy and grace, so that I can complete the paper industry in the form of reports on vocational visits Boedi Oetomo 1 CILACAP school year 2012/2013.

On this occasion, I would like to thank profusely to all the father / mother teacher who has given me the opportunity to make this paper and the father / mother of a tutor who has provided guidance and direction to me. I pray that Allah SWT is pleased to give a reply to all those who have supported, guided, and participated in the preparation of my papers to complete.

Previously I apologize if in the manufacture of paper, there are a lot of mistakes. To that end, I hope the criticism and constructive suggestions.

Hopefully, this paper can be useful and reading materials to increase knowledge for the readers.



TITLE PAGE                                                                                       i
APPROVAL PAGE                                                                             ii
MOTTO PAGE                                                                                   iii
PAGE OFFERINGS                                                                           iv
FOREWORD                                                                                      v
TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                    vi

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION                                                         1
A. Background Issue                                                                            1
B. Formulation of Problem                                                                    1
C. objective                                                                                          1
D. Writing Method                                                                               1
E. Systematics Writing                                                              2

CHAPTER II DISCUSSION                                                               3
A. Indonesia Stock Exchange                                                               3

CHAPTER III CLOSING                                                                    4
A. conclusion                                                                                        4
B. Suggestion                                                                                       4



  1. Background Issues

In order to deal with the street vendors at the school needed a experience in the preparation of the paper with the right system and the right. Therefore, the chosen "Indonesia Stock Exchange" as the title of our paper preparation. We write this title with the background that I had knowledge of the Indonesia Stock Exchange and can provide information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the need.

B. problem formulation
1. What is the Indonesia Stock Exchange?
2. What are some things that are related to the Indonesia Stock Exchange?

C. destination
1. Train students in the world capital market
2. know better about the Indonesia Stock Exchange
3. To increase students' knowledge and experience
4. as a source of material for the manufacture of this paper
5. As refreshing all students

D. Writing methods
1. Interview method
That is the method in which the authors performed direct questioning of the data required in the manufacture of this paper.
2. methods literature
That is the method using a guidebook that contains objects that are currently in discussion.

E. Systematics Writing

A.     Background Issues
B. problem formulation
C. destination
D. Writing methods
E. systematics Writing

A. Indonesia Stock Exchange

A.     conclusion
B. Suggestions and Feedback



Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is an agency or institution related to the world capital markets. IDX only serves as a manager or a facilitator of other companies, such as: PT.Pakowan Jati.Tbk, etc..

Companies effects associated with investor members. This is because the effect of the company related to the sale of shares. Unity effects associated with investors in case of purchase and sale of shares
WPPE stands Broker Dealer, as in the sale or purchase of shares of securities companies not directly involved in the transaction, but through intermediaries that WPPE itself.
Overall there were 144 companies in Indonesia are securities which there are 44 companies in Surabaya. At first stock exchange was 3, which parallel, Surabaya, and Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange but Jakarta join, after that in 1995 the Stock Exchange also joined in parallel, so that the Stock Exchange had become one, and given the name "PT. INDONESIA STOCK EXCHANGE "in Surabaya.

Stock Exchange are also monitored by the finance minister of State and Law that shelter. Agus finance minister Manto Mardayo, is chairman of the Ojka (Financial Services Authority) that functions to all capital market activities, because any sale or purchase of products should be monitored, in order to avoid abuse in these transactions.

Use of these products correctly will be declared lawful and vice versa if the use of these products with one it will be declared illegitimate. SRO (Self Rosulatory Organization) has the authority to make its own rules in freksi price.

Stock Logo Creation itself was designed by students from renowned universities in Surabaya then chosen by Sri Mulyani as finance minister at the time.

Being a competitive market with world-class credibility.

Creating a competitive edge to attract investors and issuers, through the empowerment of exchange members and participants, the creation of value-added, cost-efficiency and the implementation of good governance.


Historically, the stock market has been present long before Indonesia's independence. Capital market or stock exchange has been present since the Dutch colonial era, and exactly in 1912 in Batavia. Capital markets when it was founded by the Dutch government for the benefit of the colonial government or VOCs.

Although the stock market has been around since 1912, the development and growth of the stock market does not work as expected, even in a period of capital market experience vacuum. It is caused by several factors such as World War I and II, the transfer of power from the colonial government to the government of the Republic of Indonesia, and a variety of operating conditions that cause stock exchange sebagimana can not walk properly.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia to re-enable the capital markets in 1977, and a few years later, the stock market has grown along with various incentives and regulations issued by the government.

In short, capital market development milestone in Indonesia can be seen as follows:
[December 1912]
• Indonesia's first Stock Exchange was formed in Batavia by the Dutch government
[1914 - 1918]
  • Stock Exchange in Batavia was closed during World War I
[1925 - 1942]
  • akarta Stock Exchange reopened along with the Stock Exchanges in Semarang and Surabaya
[Early in 1939]
  • As a political issue (World War II) Stock Exchanges in Semarang and Surabaya closed
[1942 - 1952]
  • at the Jakarta Stock Exchange was closed again during World War II
  • The program for the nationalization of the Dutch. Stock increasingly active
[1956 - 1977]
  • Trading on the Stock Exchange of vacuum
[10 August 1977]
  • Stock Exchange was inaugurated by President Soeharto again. JSE run under Bapepam (Capital Market Executive Agency). August 10 is celebrated as the anniversary of the Capital Market. The reactivation of the capital market is also characterized by publicly listed PT Semen Cibinong as issuers pertama19 2008 on Sharia State
[1977 - 1987]
  • Trading on the Stock Exchange was very lethargic. The number of issuers to 1987 only reached 24. People prefer banking instruments than capital market instruments
  • Characterized by the presence of Package December 1987 (This package 87) which makes it easy for the company to undertake a Public Offering and foreign investors to invest in Indonesia
[1988 - 1990]
  • deregulation package in Banking and Capital Markets launched. JSE opens the door to strangers. Exchange activity is seen to rise
[2 June 1988]
  • Parallel Indonesia Stock Exchange (IBE) began operations and is managed by the Association of Money and Securities Trading (PPUE), while the organization is comprised of brokers and dealers
[December 1988]
  • Government issued December 88 Package (This package 88) that provides easy company to go public, and any other policy that is positive for the growth of the capital market
[16 June 1989]
  • Surabaya Stock Exchange (BES) began to operate and are managed by private Limited Company namely Surabaya Stock Exchange
[13 July 1992]
  • Privatization of the JSE. Bapepam changed to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This date is celebrated as the anniversary of the JSE
[May 22, 1995]
  • Automation System trading on the JSE implemented computer systems JATS (Jakarta Automated Trading Systems)
[10 November 1995]
  • Government issued Law. 8 of 1995 on the Capital Market. This Act came into effect from January 1996
  • Parallel Indonesia Stock Exchange merged with the Surabaya Stock Exchange
  • Scripless Trading System (scripless trading) began to be applied in Indonesia capital market
  • JSE trading system began to apply remotely (remote trading)

  • Merging the Surabaya Stock Exchange (BES) to the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) and changed its name to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
[02 March 2009] 
  • The Premiere of New Trading System Stock Exchange Indonesia: JATS-NextG

Indonesia Capital Market Structure

Indonesia Capital Market Structure has been regulated by Law no. 8 of 1995 concerning Capital Market


 Board of Commissioners

     I Nyoman Tjager

 IDX Commissioner since August 2008. Born in Tabanan, Bali March 30, 1950. His career for more than 30 years beginning in the Legal Bureau of Bapepam, 1978-1997, with his last position as Head of Legislation and Legal Aid. Over the last 10 years, 1999 - March 2008, he served as a Commissioner on some of the Company (PT Jakarta Lloyd, PT KSEI, Pupuk Kaltim, PT Bhakti Capital Investment, PT Bank Lippo.Tbk, PT Ancora Indonesia Resources, PT Wahana Ottomitra Multiartha, PT Indocement Tunggal Prakasa Tbk). Year 1999-2005 held at various important positions in the Office of the Prime Minister of the State-owned companies, most recently as staff specialists Minister of State Owned Enterprises Ministry KUK-field. He obtained his law degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta; Master's degree in Economics from Fordham University, New York, USA; Doctorate of Laws Doctorate Program, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Chairman of the Audit Committee of PT Indocement Tunggal Prakasa Tbk.

Chaeruddin Diamond

IDX Commissioner since June 2008. Born in Plaju, July 20, 1958. He previously served as Commissioner Pefindo, 2005-2007. From 2006 until today also serves as Chairman of APEI (Association of Indonesian Securities Companies), President Director of PT Indomitra Securities, and Member of Audit Committee IDX KSEI Budget Committee and Risk Management Committee KPEI. His career began in the capital market industry as Chief Dealer, Treasury and Capital Market in PT Bank Uppindo, 1983-1990; Director of Aspac Uppindo Securities, 1991-1999. Obtaining a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Diponegoro, Semarang, 1982; Masters in Financial Management, University of Krisnadwipayana, Indonesia, 2003.


Felix Oentoeng Soebagjo

IDX Commissioner since June 2008. Born in Cilacap, Central Java, March 13, 1948. His career in law starts with the opening practice of law in 1980, then set up a Legal Consultant Soebagjo, Java & Djarot in 1988. Until now still provide legal advice and counsel to clients, both locally and internationally, and teaches at several universities in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Member of several professional organizations such as the Inter Pacific Bar Association, Asean Law Association, Association of Indonesian Legal Consultants and Legal Consultants Association Capital Market. He obtained his law degree from the University of Indonesia, 1976, LLM from the University of California, Berkeley, and a PhD in Legal Studies at Gadjah Mada University, 2004, and Professor of FHUI, 2008.

Suwantara Gotama

Born in Jember, 19 April 1963

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administrtion
University of Washington, Seattle
U.S.A, June 1988

Last Position:
President Director of PT CLSA Indonesia

Education program

In line with the spirit of advancing the Indonesian capital market, especially new investors scored a reliable and spreading knowledge and information are true and correct on stock investments, Indonesia Stock Exchange hold educational activities such as training of Capital Markets for potential investors in an effort to accommodate, stimulate and directing the interested public interest to pursue the stock market as a profitable investment media as well as efforts to optimize the funds held to be invested in the capital market.

Education Program is presented as simply as possible adapted to the background and profile of the community at large with a professional faculty of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), PT Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (KPEI), PT Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI), PT Danareksa (Persero), PT Kresna Graha Sekurindo, PT eTrading Securities and PT Indo Premier Securities.

The goal is to stimulate people to learn stock investing properly so that it becomes competent investors, as well as a good example to attract new investors, both retail and institutional.
Target Activity

Participants of this program are entrepreneurs, executives, academics, housewives gathering, prospective retirees and the general public, especially those who have not yet invest in the Capital Market.

Exchange Holiday Calendar Year 2012

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance or Corporate Governance (hereinafter referred to as CG) is a system designed to direct the management of the company in a professional manner based on the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness and equality. BEI as a facilitator and regulator of capital market in Indonesia is committed to being healthy and Exchange globally competitive.

Implementation of the commitments of good CG or so-called Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is contained in the Company's mission is to create competitiveness to attract investors and issuers through the empowerment of exchange members and participants, the creation of value-added, cost-efficiency and the implementation of good governance.

BEI has successfully implemented the guidelines, the framework and the principles of CG effectively and efficiently in the operations of the Company and continuously improve CG practices in the foreseeable datang.Manfaat of GCG implementation can have a positive impact on the creation of the Company accountable, fair and independent transaction, as well as the reliability and quality improvement information to the public.

IDX applying CG purposes, namely:

1. As a guideline for the Board of Commissioners in implementing monitoring and providing advice to the Board of Directors in the management of the Company.
2. As a guideline for the Board of Directors in order to run the day-to-day kegiataan based company with high moral values ​​with respect to the Articles of Association, business ethics, laws and other regulations.
3. As a guideline for the management and employees of BEI in conducting day-to-day duties and in accordance with the principles of CG.

IDX CG implementation strategies that work well (GCG), namely:

1. Maintaining the Code, Charter, and Procedures Governing consistently
IDX periodic review process of the Code, Charter and Procedures. It aims to improve the quality of the Guidelines, the Charter, so as IDX procedure may result in better performance.
2. Ongoing socialization of the principles of CG
BEI has conducted a continuous process of socialization of the principles of the CG to all employees and stakeholders. Socialization aims to embed the principles of CG to all employees, resulting in operating activities, employees always adhere to the provisions of the CG.
3. Assessment of the implementation of the CG in IDX ketigaatas
BEI believes that the assessment of the ketigaakan improve the quality of CG.


By giving thanks to God Almighty, we as writers can finish writing this well, we realized that we made paper is still a lot of shortcomings. We apologize if there are errors in the preparation of this paper. We sincerely hope this paper can be useful for the parties concerned.

A. conclusion

After we followed the visit, we can conclude:
1. We can find some objects and companies in Surabaya
2. After we visit the sights, we get more knowledge, for writers and readers.
3. The places we visit means a lot that are important in everyday life.
4. Indonesia Stock Exchange is a very important place for companies who take shelter underneath.

B.     suggestion
According to the observations, we want to give or put some suggestions that might be useful for us. Therefore, the search for knowledge as much as possible to find insights that exist throughout the world, as the proverbial saying "Look Up to the State Science Although China"
*      Authors sincerely hope that every place visited regulations tightened
*      The success of each object is always maintained.
*      Should schools reproduce books relating to the manufacture of paper.
*      For the reader should read in order to reproduce the add insight.


*      Setiawan, Heu, 2009/2010 "Glance Essay", Cilacap: SMPN 1 JERUKLEGI.
*      Http / google.com, 2011 "masterpiece Write"


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